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We are BigLead Agency - a team of young and ambitious professionals with successful cases. Our main goal is to help your business take it to the next level. With the help of our team and digital resources, we have closed about 210 projects.
And this is just the beginning!

Who are we?

team of young professionals

Steps of work

At the first stage, there is an analysis of your business and the choice of a service that is suitable for you. After choosing a package of services, we draw up a technical assignment with one of the specialists of our team and proceed to action.
steps of work
During the work on your project, we are fully responsible and guaranteed for our actions. We can also conduct weekly calls regarding the project and stages of work.
Our service
We have three services which we may propose for your business and increase your budget after our teamwork.
Facebook Targeting
- Ad account creation
- Installing a pixel on the website
- Target audience definition
- Creatives creation
- Work with a retargeting
- Optimizing and audit
- Scaling and optimizing
- Work with analytic through Facebook/Google Analytics
Google Adwords
- Defining the goals in Google Ads
- Selection of keywords
(search queries) and miscalculation of the budget
- Setting up advertising campaigns (choosing and setting up networks, device types, locations, bids and budgets, ad display method)
- Organization of the structure of the Ads account
- Creating of ad texts
- Configuring ad extensions
- Linking Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts.
- Setting up Google Ads extensions
UX/UI Design
- Corporating identity of the product (packaging of product, business cards)
- Prototyping and full analysis of the product \ audience \ competitors
- Landing-Page development
- Creation of banners for internal advertising
- Drawing illustrations and logos
- Development of a corporate website
- Adaptive design
- Website development on Tilda
- Website development on Wordpress
About us
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