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Wheat Germ
Wheatgrass juice - is a company that sell a healty juice for people, who really take carry of body. Also, they have some course about how grow wheatgrass and give advice on juice consumption.
Develop a banners for internal advertising on the site.
Think over and create a logo for the company.
Creation of corporate identity.
After studying the market and analyzing competitors, we started discussing the general style and defining the call for banners for users. We also thought over the text part of each banner, which will clearly describe our product. We created quality photos and graphics for each banner. With the help of banners, you can create a unique style on the site and design your social networks. The client wanted them to be different from other competitors, so they choose us!
What is banner advertising?
Where can you place Banner Ads?
Banner advertising is a picture in a graphical form, the main purpose of which is to promote a particular service or product. A banner can look like text or an image, moving or static. Like other types of advertising, a banner sends a site visitor to a specific site and thus increases the popularity of the advertised content.
The maximum effect of banner advertising will be developed if it is placed in the most powerful search engine - Google. Google is a as like media complex, which includes a large number of sites on various topics.
In addition, dot sites and social networks are used to publish banners, but Google will undoubtedly bring great benefits, as well as natural links in search engine optimization of the site.
What is corporate identity?
Advantages of corporate identity
Corporate identity is a bright glossy cover of your company. It consists of text, color, informational elements to highlight individuality and key benefits. Marketing specialists should develop and compose a corporate identity, because logos, color combinations, fonts should unobtrusively focus people's attention on the merits of your goods, services and other commercial proposals.
- company identification, brand integrity;
- increasing loyalty from clients, colleagues, investors;
- helps customers find your product among hundreds of other offers;
- reducing the cost of advertising campaigns when entering the market;
- highlighting the main benefits of the product / service;
- logos and other components enhance the aesthetic appeal of both products and promotional materials.
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