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This service is popular among young people. Our client wanted to make the site as informative as possible and so that the client, entering the page, immediately understood what kind of service his site offers.
Analyze a particular service and know more about competitors
Create a prototyping of new site for StoryBot
Create a visual design for site (choose colours and typography)
After analyzing the product and its competitors, we began to carefully divide our site into blocks and do prototyping. After we discussed our website prototype with the client, we proceeded to the visual part of the project and working out the mobile version. During our research, we found that the majority of users browse the site using mobile devices and decided that the concept would be "Mobile First".
At the end of the project, we received a pleasant response and minus one human pain on this planet!
The task was to develop a website design for service "Storybot". Users should understand that our service will be helpful for promotion for self-page in social media.
Adaptive version
Adaptive version - is a "must-have" for each web-site, because your site will be adaptive on all mobile device, start from small mobile phone to desktop with large screen
Mobile First
More than 80% of clients find necessary information from mobile device. In conclusion, we should make the mobile version convenient and readable - this is the whole key to success.
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