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How Shopping campaigns and Shopping ads work
Shopping ads use your existing Merchant Center product data - not keywords - to decide how and where to show your ads. The product data you submit through Merchant Center contains details about the products you sell. We'll use these details when we match a user's search to your ads, making sure to show the most relevant products.
Shopping ads can show either on the top ad placement or the top right-hand side of the Google Search results page and/or on the Google Shopping property. In certain markets, Shopping ads can also show on the Search Partners network, YouTube, and Google Image Search. Below are examples of different ad placements.
Short video about Smart Google Shopping
To help start whole project in Google Shopping
Automotive parts
Link on project
Conduct an audit of site and analyze of сompetitors
Launch Google Shopping company that it was a best solution for internet market place with more than 40 000 products
Case "Hotparts"
How we start scaling
The decision was made to launch the highest margin commodities for maximum profit. After 30 days, we launched Smart Shopping campaigns and added all the products that were in the store. After 2 months, we expanded the GEO and scaled the business. The decision has now been made to add ads to search due to the high ROI from shopping.
$34 821.42
$144 508.9
Ad Spent
Purchase Conversion Value
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