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This site was creating for Digital Agency. Firstly, we created a logo and whole identity for company because it's such important for different agencies. Secondly, we started to created visual content for social media. And in the end, we established prototype and worked with visual content. We prefer to choose not bright colors and used more illustrations.
To analyze competitors and thinking about the future structure
To create a prototyping of new site for StoryBot
To create a visual design for the site (choose colors and typography)
After analyzing the product and its competitors, we began to carefully divide our site into blocks and made sketch. After we discussed our website prototype with team, we proceeded to the visual part of the project and working out the mobile version. We chose a program Tilda as a web-site builder - a modern way to create a unique designs for your business. Also, we found a lot of useful services for our agency and one of them is Calendly for booking call.
At the end of the project, we received a pleasant response and minus one human pain on this planet!
The task was to develop a website design for digital agency "BigLead". The agency provides its services in various areas of IT - contextual advertising, targeted advertising and web design.
What is Tilda?
Tilda Publishing is a block-based website builder that does not require programming skills. Allows you to create websites, online stores, landing pages blogs, and email newsletters.
Sites on the platform are assembled from ready-made blocks that are automatically adapted for mobile devices and are allocated to semantic categories (for example, site cover, menu, form, text, image). Also, using the built-in editor Zero Block, you can design your own block by adding separate modules (text, shape, geometric figure, image), placing them on the screen in the Drag-and-drop mode.

Using analogs as an example, for a better understanding of the functionality, it can be distinguished as similar to WIX, Webflow, and other. You may know more there: https://tilda.cc/ru/
Mobile First
More than 80% of clients find necessary information from mobile device. In conclusion, we should make the mobile version convenient and readable - this is the whole key to success.
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