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Google Ads promotion
Increase brand awareness and conversions. Optimize your account. Apply new Google Ads tools. Create a promotion strategy for 3 years.

What goals does the company set for us?
- Annual growth in income by 15%
- Find growth points and other traffic sources
Saplings is a story about a work of several years. Here we need not a one-time breakthrough for a month or two. The main problem is not to go for quick results, at the cost of future income.

Due to the lack of a strategy from previous promotion specialists, it is difficult to understand where the project was heading and on the basis of what the work was carried out in the account.
The analytics worked correctly and was configured, but attribution was counted by the last click. Because of this, some of the traffic was overrated.
Associated conversions were not evaluated at all and campaigns that were generating revenue in the chain were stopped. The season starts in a month, but we get to work.

Initial state of the client
There is no high-quality account structure
Not the smartest attribution tracking
Standard Google Shopping
Banner campaign for 2 types of goods
Lack of work with attracted clients
What have we done?
Strategy and Priorities
First of all, we created a 3-year promotion strategy. After that, it was necessary to determine the priority of the tasks. It's a month before the season. You need to have time to set up priority positions so as not to lose the season.
Google Analytics and audience collection
After agreeing on the plan, we first changed the attribution in Google ads from "last click" to "data-driven". Your account has already collected enough conversions to change tracking. In Google analytics, we created audiences for remarketing for 30-360 days, audiences with bounced audiences, and audiences for those who made transactions.
Google Shopping
Regarding work in Google Ads. From our work experience, we understand that in projects of this format, you can attract a significant amount of sales using Smart Shopping. A simple Shopping campaign was stopped and smart shopping was launched. A month should be enough for him for training, which just remained until the start of the season.
GDN and remarketing
We understood that Smart Shopping also shows products to those who have already been on the site (remarketing), but we wanted to show special offers to those who were on the site, other offers to those who abandoned the cart. We also launched banner ads for the most marginal products to increase turnover. We completely replaced creatives and prescribed USP for each product section.
Search campaigns
With search campaigns it was more difficult - there were about 150 of them. When you are not setting them up, it is difficult to quickly grasp their method of work. In the first month, 6 specialists had to be involved in the project to disassemble these campaigns within a month. It was the only way to optimize everything quickly and understand what was missing. Costs per day were 1000 UAH for search campaigns, which means that some campaigns were simply not shown or were shown very little.
After a complete study of search campaigns, we added a Brand Advertising Campaign so as not to lose those customers who are already familiar with our products. Added dynamic ads based on site data. We downloaded the data (phone numbers and gmails) of our customers for further work with them. Added campaigns in Ukrainian. We also increased the expense by 5 times in order to understand the volume of the market and test the potential of our campaigns.
What results did you get?
Growth in income for the first year of operation. If we take into account only traffic from Google Ads, excluding the assoc. conversions
Found undervalued traffic sources that increased annual revenue by 9%
Launched and optimized campaigns that made it possible to reach the assigned tasks
Insights in work?
It was a great idea to gather audiences of those who have made conversions, so that next season, using remarketing, to target our products with special offers. This allowed us to save the budget for attracting new customers. Due to this, we were able to expand our customer base 1.4 times (per year). We added a branded search campaign, began to take 98% of all users who were looking for our brand and did not let them go to competitors. Advertising in gmails for those who were already our clients and their look-a-like audience gave a huge increase in sales, even in the off-season. After the first year of work, we replaced our strategy by 70% for 3 years, as we learned about new tools, began to understand the niche better and already understood where our points of growth were.
This report with Google Analytics show increases in income, conversion and traffic. Income is under NDA.

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