Production of Abrasive grinding wheels for metals and stone
Google Ads promotion
Find Distributors in Other Countries. Enter the markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

What is the goal of the company?
- 10 applications for Distributor per month
- 20 applications for a commercial offer and terms of cooperation
There is no set up site analytics, goal tracking, high visibility in the countries where we plan to advertise. I had no experience with advertising. There is no understanding of how much people are willing to leave applications for this type of cooperation.
There are no videos or photos that can be used in advertising. There is a clear understanding that this application is not impulsive and a person should dare to mature it. There is no understanding what will be the period from the first touch to the submitted application. There are many unknowns in this task.

The initial state of the client
There is no advertising on the site
No customized analytics and data
There is no understanding of the duration of the client's maturation
There is no understanding whether there is demand in the market
What did we do?
Strategy and Priorities
First of all, we created a promotion strategy for 3 months. After that, it was necessary to determine the priority of tasks. We planned a photo and video shoot to get quality material for creative people. Connected our SMM division.
Google Analytics and audience gathering
After agreeing on the plan, we set up Google Analytics. Demographic data collection, cross-domain tracking, and goal tracking have been set up. Included gathering audience 30-540 days for further work with her.
Search campaigns
We started with the Brand campaign. Competitor brands and targeted inquiries on abrasive discs and wheels began to be used. Launched dynamic search campaigns and companies with some information queries.
Then we launched banner advertising with new photos and videos for users who visited the site. After a month of work, the search campaign proved to be completely uncompetitive. After analyzing the audience and data from Google Analytics, it was concluded that branded advertising does not give traffic at all, and targeted and near-targeted queries lead customers, but not distributors.
Advertising in the search for our brand left, all other search campaigns paused.
GDN та Video advertising
Remarketing has so far yielded no results. Based on our strategy, the next step was to launch Banner Advertising on placements, topics, audiences, and keywords. In parallel, YouTube commercials were ready, for which we launched video advertising (audience and a separate video campaign "Increase conversions").
In the first month, we failed to complete the tasks with the KPI even by 15%. The bitterness of the moon allowed us to draw the following conclusions. Search is not our game. You need to look for leads with GDN and video advertising. In the second month of GDN, we began to gain a more targeted audience, but part of the targeting had to be eliminated due to irrelevance. Video ads for "increasing the number of conversions" have shown their effectiveness and we have begun to receive search queries by brand. In the second month we managed to fulfill 40% of the set KPIs. After a year of cooperation, we managed to fully achieve this goal, and now there is a new task of entering new markets.
What results have been achieved?
205 000
The number of video views that were shown for promotional purposes
The number of months to implement the KPIs
Number of countries in which we managed to find distributors and build cooperation
Insights in work?
Understanding the niche helps when working with the B2B sector. It is important to understand which campaigns should be stopped and which still need time to get analytics. Understanding the business and the customer closure cycle helps a lot. After a year of work, we managed to understand the cycle of the closing request agreement, the number of order requests and the related interests of the distributors, which turned out to be completely different from those we had anticipated. The main thing was the availability of quality promotional materials and customer loyalty to test various campaigns. The main insight was the reasons for becoming distributors, which differed in different countries, learning which ones, we were able to use them in creative work and significantly increase the number of appeals.
This Google Analytics report transmits site traffic and behavior.
Leads under NDA.

Production of Abrasive grinding wheels for metals and stone