How to launch a new project on Facebook/Instagram ads and achieve ROAS 4.5 and more than 500 sales in the first 2 month
Christmas tree toys shop
Christmas tree toys shop
Time period
November - December
Minimal ROAS
The client contacted us 2 months before Christmas, during the hottest period for sales in her project. This is an online Christmas tree decorations shop with GEO Australia.
The client was already working with the agency at that time and wanted to get an audit from us in order to understand the problem with the campaigns or the problem in the business itself. In the ad account for a month of being run by another agency, there were only a few sales, an incorrectly set pixel, retargeting that was not running, and companies optimized for traffic or for adding to carts.

We conducted an audit and told in detail what to work on and the client decided to try to work with us. To reach the profit it was necessary to achieve ROAS 2.5 and higher.
There was no promotion strategy and structure
There was no work on retargeting
Incorrect pixel

Creatives were without a call to action and USP's and not interesting
The account was not prepared for changes after the release of iOS 14

Based on the tasks and problems that were agreed upon, we carried out the following work:
An audit was carried out and a strategy for work and improvement was created
Created more selling creatives for advertisements
Gathered various audiences for tests and determining the best combinations
Collected companies for all stages of the funnel (Top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of funnel)
CAPI connected, domain verified, events prioritized
Work strategy

We create a unique promotion strategy for each client and this project is no exception. We only had 2 months to sell and we had a lot of products to sell and increase brand awareness.

It was decided to launch cold campaigns on CBO (budget allocation at the level of the campaign), and retargeting on ABO (budget allocation at the ad set level)

Funnel structure

The stages of the funnel that we implemented in this project were:

Top of tunnel - cold traffic
Middle of funnel - work with audiences that interact with business social networks
Bottom of funnel - work with those who visited the website, visited product cards, added to the cart, and initiated checkout

At top of funnel, we already pay for traffic and therefore we need to work out an audience that is not ready to buy with one touch. For each project, the sales cycle can be different, and therefore it is important to test retargeting.
Selecting and testing audiences
In this project, advertising was carried out, but a sufficient number of audiences were not tested - in this case, the first thing we started with creating audiences for testing.
Cold audiences
Previously, there was advertising and there was a lot of traffic with which it was possible and necessary to work, so we created a Lookalike audience of those people who visited the website and interacted with social networks. We also created a wide audience and an audience with relevant interests.

Warm and hot audiences
In the middle of the funnel, we have included an audience of those who have interacted with social pages over the past year.

At the bottom of the funnel, we include those who have visited the website with different time periods and have not made a purchase. When the ad ran with special offers, we also included past buyers and it worked well.
Using the DPA catalog

This format began to show good results for the client in retargeting, where people saw the products that they had already viewed and bought them from the DPA campaign

Saturation of the audience

In this case, we didn't care what the frequency of ads was since we had only 2 months to achieve as many sales as possible and as high as possible ROAS.

But we turned off the ads, which began to worse and worse as quickly as possible and focused on products and ads that showed their potential from the beginning.


The client was ready to make high-quality photo shoots of the products and therefore this also had a very good effect on the results. To create creatives, we used an emotional focus and, when required, a focus on unique offers.

In a time of changes due to iOS 14, creatives become more and more important, which is why our designer worked closely with us and with the client to create creatives that would spark reactions from potential customers.

Ad spend
Steps to success

  • Correct campaign structure
  • Debugged retargeting system
  • Testing various cold audiences
  • Creatives with a focus on unique product characteristics
  • Proper preparation for scaling

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