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Light shop
ROAS more than 4 in the first month of work for the lighting shop
lighting shop
Customer problems
  • not quality work with Facebook advertising

  • lack of quality creatives

  • not relevant audience was used

  • no retargeting

  • small return on ad investment
To find and to scale profitable products
Lighting shop
Link on project
Create a strategy and make an audit of their previous work
Launch test and determine the winning products. For each product, 4-5 audiences were initially tested, 5 videos/images/carousels were tested in each adset
Launch retargeting and work with a warm audience with different offers
We tested from 3 to 6 product-related targeting at product launch, and then added new audiences and added LLA's
Create a system of custom audiences from the main events for retargeting (7, 14, 21, 28 days), upsells, cross-sales, and LLA's.
These actions allowed to make effective retargeting (30-40% of all sales), create a small flow of additional sales, and start using LLA's power.
How we start scaling
Expansion of existing audiences in adsets, that made 100+ sales, I .е. we, for example, could make an audience of 4 million and more from a current audience of 1.5 million;
Increase budget in existing adsets with a good sales history;
Create more complex combinations of custom audiences and then LLA's. For example, the audience of those who bought more than a certain amount or bought 2 and more products for one purchase. Such audiences are more quality and you can get more value from them.
$106 873.91
Ad Spent
Purchase Conversion Value
Made the page design
It is important to make the whole project work well and the Instagram page is one of the main things to make great results from FB/Instagram advertising.
So we worked with the design of the Instagram page and posts.
Work with creatives and ad copies
Creatives are essential for the effectiveness of the entire advertising campaign.
For each product, 4-5 audiences were initially tested, 5 videos/images/carousels were tested in each adset. Here you can see some of them.
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